Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Little Direction, and the why's

The whys and the how comes in life can perhaps leave us in our shoes wondering where to put down the next step. Then after we do its seems that we wonder all day about the last big step we took. Ever wonder where we are going and if you think you know where you are going how your geting there? All the things that we are sure we must do to get us to where we must go, but that for some reason or another doesnt always work.
People seem to be able to deal with alot of things and get over them seemingly fast. Or do They? Take a girlfriend or family member for example, people break up all the time and and seem to move along and never be phased by it for the remainder of the time it takes for everone to forget about it. Same goes for soemthing like the death of a loved one.
But how will you personally ever know what it is like to know how that feels, unless you think that you would beacuse your situation may be similar. But there are so many variables that it would be impossible for you to know just about anything less thamn a guess.
When im asked the good old "What do you think i should do man?" My new answer is going to be " How the fuck should i know"


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